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Smith Davis Law is your home-town firm that can provide all your legal services: divorce, bankruptcies, criminal proceedings and civil matters....serving Greenfield, Knightstown, Shelbyville, Morristown and all of Hancock County. Our relaxed style will make you comfortable and legal matters understandable.


Why Smith Davis Law?

Picking an attorney to represent you and your legal matters is not an easy choice. Larger, more aggressive firms shout at you from television commercials designed to make their name more recognizable but not make them necessarily better. Other law firms "specialize" in everything and then are too busy to remember who you are. Larger firms only see your case as a number on a file somewhere.

"Not your ordinary law firm"

Smith Davis is a law firm that knows you by your name, not a number; occasionally we knew some of your family members. Smith Davis Law is Hancock County based but serving all the communities surrounding Greenfield. We won't forget your name because we're too big. We aren't the most recognizable because we don't shout about our firm. And we are never too busy for your case because there are too many of us.

The top 10 bankruptcy tips!

D. J. Davis gives some of his Top 10 things you should know about filing bankruptcy. Take a peek and see how Smith Davis can help you. See the Top 10 tips right here

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